Sectional doors from Turner

Turner Group is a family firm from Finland with more than twenty years of experience in the construction sector. We offer door and leveller solutions and our product portfolio includes sectional doors for both garages and for larger industrial buildings. We also have numerous docking and leveller products. 

We are present in Finland and in Sweden.

Why choose a sectional door? 

The popularity of sectional doors last risen dramatically in the last several years. Traditional pair and folding doors have become less common and people have become installing more sectional doors. The benefits of sectional doors are that they are easy and light to use, in addition to durability and functionality of the door. The sectional door doesn't take up space around the opening since it rises vertically up towards the roof. It is installed on the inside walls of the garage, and the door sections and door frames cover the opening of the door perfectly and tightly. When opening, the door sections open with the aid of tension springs up towards the roof and turn horizontally up against the roof.


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