Nice to come home. Accessories enhance the experience.

Turner’s broad selection of accessories enables the customizing of garage doors to a solution that meets the need of every house. Have a look at Accessories. Please ask our sales representative for more information!

Turner Garage Door accessories

Door operator

The electronic door operator is an accessory of conveniece. With transmitters one can open and close the garage door without having to exit the car in order to open the door. The operator is equipped with light that switches on and off automatically.

Garage door operators -brochure


The operation of garage doors is easy and nice thanks to the practical transmitters!

Wireless code pad

Owning a wireless code pad makes it easy to access your garage even when you don't have the keys in your pocket. For example while doing yardwork you do not have to get your keys to open the garage door. 

Outside quick release

The outside quick release is a mandatory accessory when there is no other entry into the garage beside the automated garage door. Outside quick release allows the entry into the garage in unexpected situations such as a power outage.

Other accessories

Enquire from Turner professionals about accessories that best suit your door model! Tuner offers a variety of window models, pass doors and a selection of accessories for door operators. In addition, on the garage door an Abloy-lock can be installed for more security. The lock is possible to make compatible with the front door of the house.


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