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Sectional door for Garages. Making life easier!

The popularity of sectional doors has increased exponentially throughout the years. High-quality Turner sectional doors provide the final touches for a new home.

Turner sectional door models for garages

Why choose a sectional door?

Traditional pair and folding doors have become less desirable while sectional doors have increased in their value. The advantage of a sectional door is its imperviousness, durability and functionality despite weather conditions. Sectional doors are installed on the inner surface of the garage wall in contrast to the traditional installation of garage doors to the opening. Therefore they require minimum excess room around the opening and inside the garage. In the opening process the sections move with counter-balance-springs vertically towards the roof and turn to rest horizontally parallel to roof. Door sections and door frames press against the garage wall as the door is closed covering the opening perfectly. The sectional door offers a well-insulated and weather-tight solution for every garage. 

Everyday convenience

Turner sectional doors are light and functional. They are user-friendly. The doors are easy to use even for children and the Elderly. When doors are equipped with automatic door openers everything works by the press of a button. For the sake of opening garage doors it is no longer necessary to exit the car in rain, snow or cold.

Unified appearance

The pride of every home is an effective garage door solution that is in harmony with the style of the house. It increases the value and appreciation of the house. It is a pleasure to present a good-looking door to visitors.

Safe solution

Turner garage door is safe to use. The automatic opener stops the door in its tracks if someone or something is about to be wedged under the door. As standard safety features the door has spring break safety device and finger protection. Doors at Turner have a locking mechanism that ensures the door is properly closed and locked to prevent burglary and vandalism of property.


Airtight and well-isolated door prevents the heat from flowing outside. Quick functioning door is open only for a moment and therefore does not lower the temperature in the garage pointlessly.

Perfectly installed - for a fixed price!

When purchasing a Turner garage door for your home, we provide you with an inexpensive full-package installation service for a fixed price. Ask for details from your sales representative!

Turner 800-series

Turner 800-series is the high-quality garage door model that has been developed for the challenging Nordic conditions. Sturdy structure, smooth performance and an elegant appearance have been designed to please the eye. The smooth quietness of the door in operation is pleasing to the ear. The door is insulated with 45 mm thick polyurethane foam. It has been designed specifically for a warm garage. The 800-series provides an abundant selection of surface alternatives, color options and window possibilities. The door can be tailored to enhance the appearance of every house. Sections of the door are manufactured from strong, galvanized steel plate.

Turner 800 -brochure

Turner 200-series

Trustworthy and inexpensive garage doors for every home! Turner 200-series is designed to meet the needs of family homes where safety and convenience are priority. The 40 mm thick polyurethane foam insulated sections of the door are plated with galvanized steel plate on outer and inner surfaces. Select the door model that suits precisely your home: Turner 210 is a modern sectional door with horizontal rib panel and Turner 230 is beautifully created sectional door with traditional raised panel.  

Turner 200 -brochure


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