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Turner sectional doors. Functionality and durability in one.

Turner sectional doors developed for professional use represent the leading solutions in the industry. The materials, technical features, functionality of the product and the style all formulate the industrial door as the word-class solution. The flagship of our product portfolio, Nassau 9000 –series sectional doors are manufactured in Europe with experience of over 40 years.

Whether in question a large industrial  building or a single warehouse or farm building, Turner want to always offer the best sectional door solution. In order for us to offer our expertise for your use, it is good to be in contact with us already at the planning stage!

Turner Sectional Doors for Professional Use

Nassau 9000 sectional door

Nassau 9000-series sectional door is the further developed version of our streamlined door models that are appreciated in the European market for high quality: the structure is elegant and durable. This new generation door solution is timeless. It has stylish and aesthetically harmonious appearance, which is the architectural dream of the century in the industry. Nassau 9000 is developed for the demanding environment of industrial and warehousing industry, where a durable solution is essential. The door is tailored and manufactured always according to the needs of the client.

Nassau 9000 -brochure Nassau 9000 -door frame layout

Turner 40 sectional door

Turner 40 is a modern model of sectional doors. Among its multiple attributes are good thermal insulation and noise cancelling features that are built in to the micro-profiled sections of Turner 40. The newest technology has been utilized in the planning and manufacturing of this solution. The finishing is sturdy and detailed, which is apparent in the metal and end plugs, re-enforcements and anodized aluminum bottom profiles that are not visible on the outside. In this proficient solution price, performance and usability are well in sync.

Turner 40 -brochure Turner 40 -brochure (extended)

Nassau 6000D sectional door

Nassau 6000D is designed for an environment where special features are in high need. Nassau 6000D is extremely practical in an environment where the insulation of both hot and cold temperatures is important. This is typical in e.g. a cold storage, inside where it is necessary to maintain temperature at a constant. In addition to the temperature insulation features, the doors provide protection from Nordic weather conditions: rain, snow and wind.  The combination of 80 mm thick polyurethane foam and surrounding seals ensure the effective insulation. Similarly, the door is also applicable in production environments where heat is required.

Nassau 6000D -brochure


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